Our Mission

At OsanMan Power, our overarching objective revolves around excelling in the domains of speed, dependability, efficiency, and reliability, with an unwavering focus on ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction as our ultimate aim. To achieve this, we steadfastly adhere to our guiding principles, sparing no effort in upholding them in every facet of our operations. Central to our conviction is the belief that our success is intricately linked to the support and trust of our esteemed clientele, who have consistently demonstrated kindness and reliability in their engagements with us. Furthermore, we attribute our achievements to the adoption of sound business practices that underpin our commitment to excellence and integrity in all endeavors.

Our Vision

In the dynamically evolving realm of contemporary global business, particularly within the Gulf countries, our proficiency in the realm of “MANPOWER” stands as incontrovertible evidence of our capabilities. We facilitate the transportation of diverse categories of labor, encompassing both unskilled and specialized personnel. With an unwavering commitment to ensuring that your esteemed company consistently remains at the vanguard of our vision, we diligently execute our obligations with unparalleled efficiency, leveraging the finest cadre of personnel and resources available in the industry.


Our Credentials

Company Overview

Osan Manpower stands as the premier FM entity within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our esteemed legacy of over four decades underscores a commitment to unparalleled service excellence. Rooted in extensive expertise, we merge traditional FM practices with a pioneering mindset, crafting sustainable solutions that set us apart.

Our hallmark is the provision of Total FM solutions, spanning a wide spectrum from robust Hard FM Services for effective management of structures, facilities, and assets, to a diverse array of Soft FM solutions centered on enhancing human experiences.

Bolstered by a workforce exceeding 30,000 dedicated professionals, we proudly maintain the largest FM workforce in the Kingdom. As a ‘People Business’, we prioritize talent attraction and development, especially among ambitious Saudi individuals, fostering the FM leaders of tomorrow.

Moreover, Osan Manpower¬†epitomizes a ‘Technology Business’, with innovation at the core of our service delivery and operational enhancement strategies. Continual technological advancement drives heightened performance, cost efficiency, and elevates our customer service and sustainability benchmarks.

Through the synergy of cutting-edge technology and exceptional talent, Osan Manpower champions service excellence, setting new standards in the industry.

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