Osan Manpower is functional from Karachi, Rawalpindi and gives enlistment offices to various staff from Pakistan. Our work office is at the top among enlistment organizations in Pakistan for Gulf Countries. Our employment agencies give you the first humanity assets. Our visa consultants are counting every one of the requesting callings. From an informed individual to a talented individual we have a bunch of chances for our searchers. Osan Manpower is a name of trust and certainty that our potential clients put on us. HR Consultants additionally need to serve the best  individuals of Pakistan with a communication of the best work organizations of Gulf Countries, and the last determination of the best faculty from Pakistan.

Labour Jobs / Helper Jobs

This job requires a high performing individual with a strong grasp on administrative as well as regulations when it comes to labor collaborators. From leading, planning to implementation, the obligations are based on labor needs.
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An experienced construction individual is obligated to completed basic necessities related to their helper or construction tasks. It includes basic management, planning as well as deployment of strategies to build effective solutions.
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Driver Jobs

Growing need for transportation requires quality drivers to operate such tasks. Having a strong grip on all the driving fundamentals is considered the best when it comes to driver obligations
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Crain Operator Jobs

Construction sites require expert Crain operators all around any developing country. From handling to analyzing and solving issues, a Crain expert knows how to perform well around a construction site.
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Mechanic Jobs

Big cities faces big technical issues in day to day lives. Therefore, a mechanic’s job is to determine these issues and come up with a solution that creates convenience for both the individuals as well as the surroundings.
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Hospitality Jobs

Having a knowledge of dealing with people is the best way to start working in the hospitality sector. These jobs require patient and intellectual individuals to provide substantial hospitality services.
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Airport Services Jobs

An Airport never sleeps and so does the people it requires to work there. This job need individual that can perform quality services with complete dedication around an Airport with the best results.
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